About Us

A Provider of Water-Soluble Bags Used by Various Industries

Omni Bag, Inc. uses state-of-the-art technology to produce packaging made from environmentally safe materials. As a result, we have managed to create durable bags that can be used in different industries. Since we started in 1987, we have gradually improved our process so we can manufacture our products more efficiently.

Medical Grade and Standard Grade
Boxes on a conveyor belt

About Our Durable Packaging

Our product is available in different sizes, from large laundry bags to small bags and pouches. There are endless uses for water soluble bags or rolls. Such as products packaged that are used in the production of ethanol, bio fuels & water treatment.

We offer Form & Filled water soluble bags

Packaging non-hazardous powder & granular products filled in water soluble pouches and packed to customers specifications.


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